For over forty years, Nelson Grinding has been at the forefront of precision grinding in Orange County, California. Specializing in both Blanchard and Mattison Surface Grinding, we handle a diverse range of materials from mild steel and aluminum to heat-treated steel and titanium. Beyond metals, we even work with select plastics and rubber.
Whether it’s base plates, mold plates, or custom-engineered machine parts, our reputation is built on delivering quality with competitive prices, right on schedule.
Trust us, as one of Orange County’s most established grinding service companies,
to bring precision to every project. Keep On Grinding with Nelson Grinding!

Blanchard Grinding

Uses distinct rotary motions: the worktable rotates counterclockwise while the abrasive wheel turns clockwise. This process ensures that every workpiece is treated uniformly, yielding consistent size and surface finishes. The technique can be traced back to 1909 when the Blanchard Machine Company introduced the first vertical spindle rotary table surface grinder. This innovation laid the foundation for what we now recognize as ‘Blanchard Grinding’.

Mattison Grinding

Mattison Grinding, employing a reciprocating technique, is frequently the final step in part production. While not designed for aggressive stock removal, the surface grinder excels in precision. It can achieve tolerances measured in the tenths of thousandths and delivers surface finishes that are notably finer than those achieved with a Blanchard grinder.

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