Mattinson Grinding

Mattinson Services

Surface Grinders up to 30×72″
High Production, 0.0002″

Tolerances as low as +/- .001
Flatness and parallelism .001
Finishes to 16 RMS
Roughing for subsequent finishing operations

Can ground Aluminum, Castings, Stainless, steel Plate, Weldments, Brass, Copper, Bars, Stampings, Extrusions, Fabricated Assemblies, Titanium, Mold Sets, Plastic, Tapered Configurations, and other Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Mattinson Grinding

Reciprocating Mattison Grinding often serves as the finishing touch on parts. While the surface grinder doesn’t remove high volumes of stock, its versatility allows it to achieve tight tolerances down to tenths of thousandths and render surface finishes that are finer than a Blanchard grinder can deliver.

With our 24″ x 72″ Mattison Grinder – Horizontal Spindle Surface, we refine heat-treated parts to their final dimensions and make various size plates flat, parallel, and accurate within a range of .0002-.0005. This surface grinder excels at tasks like sharpening shear blades and grinding machine parts such as mold plates, stripper plates, die plates, sub plates, and bolster plates. Mattison Grinding is frequently employed in general manufacturing and tool rooms for tasks like regrinding or rejuvenating worn machine surfaces. We take pride in delivering surface-ground parts with incredibly tight tolerances nearing .0002. Our advanced production grinders and skilled operators ensure precision in every grind, achieving accuracy on the first attempt.

“Spark out” is a term used in situations demanding utmost precision. It signifies grinding “until the sparks are out” or no longer visible. This involves multiple passes of the workpiece under the wheel without adjusting the depth of cut, ensuring any machine or workpiece inconsistencies are ironed out during the Mattison Grinding process. In any grinding operation, wheel condition is paramount. We utilize diamond dresser tools to maintain the wheel’s optimal state consistently.

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